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"Help (v) 1:  To Provide What is Useful or Necessary to Achieve an End"



Creating Precise, Effective Communications

[Writing is Very Much the Process of Solving a Problem.  Some Thoughts from Bob Reuter, Founder and Principal of Strategic Collaborations, LLC ]

Achieving any of the key elements of personal, professional, career and business development objectives revolves around strong, precise, effective communications.


Precise, effective communications are ultimately the key to success for all individuals and organizations in all situations.  They are both the source and outcome of implementing successful individual or enterprise strategies.


Only a small fraction of the content of written communications - on the order of 15 % - is understood the way it is intended.   Any information subject to interpretation is subject to misinterpretation if all the recipient has are the written words in a letter or e-mail.  Even the most seemingly factual questions can have numerous plausible answers. 


As the first order of business in creating communications of any kind, Strategic Collaborations helps clients determine what is being asked of them and how to respond  based on who is asking the question and why.  Together, we consider all possible meanings and approaches until we arrive at our best understanding of the question and can begin to formulate an appropriate response.


We then create the clients' maximum competitive advantage by identifying and articulating the added value they have to offer in the fields in which they are responding.  These are inherent in their personal or professional missions, goals and objectives and their inventories of strong personal and professional credentials and assets; i.e., the things that got them where they are today.


Understanding the requirement and meeting the need in this way ensures the right response to the right question.  This is how Strategic Collaborations helps clients develop the strongest, most precise, effective communications they can employ for the situations they are dealing with.


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