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Personal, Professional, Career and Business Consulting 

Individual to Enterprise Strategy and Communications 

Customer Relationship Management 

"Help (v) 1:  To Provide What is Useful or Necessary to Achieve an End"





Personal, Professional, Career and Business Consulting


The Strategic Collaborations process identifies key drivers of client personal and professional satisfaction and fulfillment comprising their uniqe criteria for the conduct of their lives, career decision making, setting personal or business goals and objectives, and optimizing individual performance and productivity.


At the point of considering career alternatives, clients work with a perspective that allows simultaneous consideration of personal and professional needs as well as external requirements.


In dealing with the developmental challenges encountered individually or in group environments, the Strategic Collaborations relationship provides sources of both inspiration and information.


great deal of the inspiration to carry out the tasks to achieve one's goals is realized simply by the interactive value of having a collaborator.  This involves less a reduction of the thinking and/or work you will still want to do personally and more the facilitative and creative value of having someone thinking and working along with you.


Even sufficiently inspired, however, a substantial amount of information is still needed to know how best to perform the necessary undertakings.  Through the Strategic Collaborations relationship, the knowledge and experience a seasoned, corporate management professional can provide as your mentor and advisor is a key ingredient.


Inspiration and information derived from a collaborative relationship tailored to one's specific needs are vital sources of facilitation and creative resources whether one is working on personal, professional, career, or business enterprise issues, or factors influencing individual performance and productivity.  These two basic ingredients - inspiration and information - and each element of the stages of progress that they influence are highly interrelated and very positively impact each other. 


The enhanced results produced by capitalizing on the positive interaction of inspiration and information are a principal benefit of engaging in the Strategic Collaborations process.

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