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Strategic Collaborations, LLC


Strategic Collaborations, LLC provides consulting, facilitation and support for individuals, groups, organizations, businesses and executives in developing, communicating and achieving personal, professional, career  and business strategies, plans, goals and objectives.      

From achieving individual, personal aspirations to organizational and business project planning and management we help in the strategic planning process of articulating established underlying ideas, identifying and "fleshing out" new ideas, and creating concrete plans and objectives for their realization and implementation. The strategic planning process is a paradigm applicable to all forms of productive effort engaged in by individuals or enterprises. 

Tailored to the individual needs of each client, the starting point for Strategic Collaborations is how clients define themselves and what is most important to them comprising their immediate or long-term goals and objectives.  Our consulting, facilitation and support is built upon a continuous process of  collaboration, creative problem solving, and communication.

"Making things happen" is a principal reason for engaging in a collaborative, consulting and support relationship.  Through the Strategic Collaborations process, clients identify and articulate their mission, purpose, goals and objectives.  They then go on to devise strategies and plans to achieve them while achieving their personal best operational performance and productivity.

In addition to a dialog leading to identification and decisions among alternative missions, purposes, goals and objectives, clients of Strategic Collaborations are also provided a full range of communications and writing support.

Please click to the separate pages on Personal, Professional, Career and Business Consulting ("Pers., Prof., ...") and Precise, Effective Communications ("Comm., Writing, ...") for more information on each.

Click on title to access our comprehensive "Guide to Servicesincluding a sample program for Customer Relationship Management.




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